Team Goals 

• To be respectful of themselves, teammates, coaches, parents, umpires & other teams

• To have a good attitude on the field: hustling, building up your teammates & listening to instruction

• Short term memory: forgetting about the last at bat or play and being ready for the next one

• Humbleness: if we win we do not brag or trash talk/ if we lose we hold our heads up and move on

• FUN: just have fun playing the game!

Team Rules

Each player is required to adhere to Local Boy’s Rules while participating for this team. Failing to do so can result in disciplinary actions as well as removal from the team. If you listen to your coaches and have a good attitude then you should have no problem following the rules.

• Listen and obey your coaches: back talking and being disrespectful will not be tolerated

• Be respectful to your teammates: treat each of your teammates with respect and encouragement

• No cursing, swearing, or verbal/ physical abuse will be tolerated on this team.

• No throwing bats, helmets, or equipment for any reason.

• No goofing off or disrupting the team from what they are doing.

• Have a good attitude at practice and games. Want to be here! The coaches and parents are sacrificing their time for you to be able to play.

• Players will bring a hat, glove, bat, helmet (if they have one) to every practice and game.


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